English, Italian

Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Himeji, etc)

Fields of Expertise:
Foodie tours & sake tasting. Certified Sommelier & International Kikisake-shi. Also licensed to treat fugu (puffer fish) in Osaka pref.

National licensed tour guide in English and Italian.
With 6 years of experience as an interpreter at a trading company in food industry, plus more than 7 years of carrier as a professional tour guide, I hope to introduce my guests to some of the rich historical sites and very friendly locals of the Kansai region (the area around Osaka, Kyoto and Nara).
In addition to normal walking tours, I also organise foodie tours in Osaka, the city known as “the kitchen of the nation”, or “the food capital of Japan”. Having said that, it is also true that many restaurants in the city are too geared to serving tourists with the food quality far from satisfactory for us locals. Being a big foodie myself, it is therefore my duty to make sure that my guests enjoy the real food scenes of the area.
Also a keen traveller, I have been to more than 70 countries, and I would love to know more about the world. I am truly looking forward to greeting guests from all over the world!






通常のウォーキングツアーに加えて、大阪の下町で居酒屋ハシゴツアーなども開催しております。「食い倒れの街」、”The food capital of Japan”とも称される地元・大阪ですが、その実、観光客目当てのお店も増えてきました。地元民の目線で、本当に美味しいお店にお客様をお連れできるよう、リサーチと称して今日も飲み歩く日々です。関西の食文化や歴史をご紹介しながら、皆様と飲み語らえる日を楽しみにしております!