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We are a tour service that provides both virtual and in-person tours of Japan.

What do you think remains in your heart after traveling?

The picturesque scenery? Fantastic services provided by a hotel?

We believe the value of your trip becomes priceless when your perspective of things changes after experiencing the cultural background.

No matter where in the world you go, there are many aspects of life there that you can only experience as a local. Even if the time spent may be limited, we want you to experience the destination from the same perspective as a local. That’s the kind of tour we’ve created. With our guides, you will discover the real beauty of the destination.

The tours provided by JAPONISME are a one of a kind trip for you to experience the essence and value of a specific region. While this experience used to be limited to those who could visit Japan, anyone in the world can now join us through our virtual tours. JAPONISME provides one-of-a-kind trips for you to experience the essence and value of a specific region. While this experience used to be limited to those who could visit Japan, anyone in the world can now join us through our virtual tours.

Voyage from anywhere

Japonismeis a French term that refers to the popularity and influence of Japanese art and design in western Europe in the nineteenth century following the opening of Japanese borders in 1858. The world famous artist, Vincent Van Gough was one of the people who got influenced by the Japonisme movement.

After working in Paris, Gogh moved to Arles. It is said that he had felt that the fresh air, pure water and the radiant, yellow sunshine of Arles reminded him of Japan. Admiring the country he had yet to see, Gogh had dreamed of Japan through painting sunflowers, inspired by the yellow sun.

Claimed as a Post-Impressionist, Gogh had made a clear distinction from prior Impressionist works. What marked his work as different from Impressionism was his use of colors to express light and his depiction of emotions. Emotions are something we’d like to share with our guests.

“To have you truly experience Japan from wherever you live.”

“No matter if you join from far away or if we meet in person, we want your experience in Japan to be like no other — one that is authentic and will touch your heart.”

With these thoughts as our principle, we named our tours “JAPONISME.”

We not only have in-person tours but virtual tours as well. 

We hope that with our virtual tours, those who’ve had to give up visiting Japan due physical, health, schedule, or financial restrictions can realize their dreams. We welcome you from your home, hospital or anywhere in the world and look forward to sharing the joys of traveling Japan!

A beautiful city, full of life

The setting for our virtual tour, Hida, Takayama is famous for its traditional old town. 

The setting for our virtual tour, Hida, Takayama is famous for its traditional old town. A unique culture has been cultivated in this city. It includes traditional carpentry that has continued for over 1300 years, sake brewing skills that have been passed down for generations and authentic woodwork that has remarkably expanded the industry. Being surrounded by mountains, it was difficult for new culture outside the city to expand into Takayama, as a result preserving the culture of Hare, “sacred” and Ke “secular.” Through our tours we show you all the wonders that lie in the everyday life of Hida Takayama.

“JAPONISME”: Be inspired!

Perhaps you will feel how historical Western figures felt when they first encountered Japanese culture.
Through your guide you will come to understand the value of Japanese culture that you may not have realized before.

Having a guide is entertainment!

A tour shouldn’t just be about teaching complicated facts to memorize! Our JAPONISME tours allow you to enjoy Japanese culture through memorable experiences. Travel in Japan with our friendly guide who has provided outstanding in-person tours to over 2,000 guests!



As a professional government-licensed tour guide, Mika has guided more than 2,500 people from around the world. She has traveled to North America, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She loves art (Western, Japanese and Modern), travel, food, wine, sake, nature, sustainability and animals. She is especially an expert on sake and Japanese art. Her style of illustrating points is interactive and based on comparison with the background of her guests’ countries so that they can enrich their life through a meaningful traveling experience. She also has many VIP customers who require a high standard of service. She has excellent reviews on her clear and interesting explanations and can provide all the answers to your questions about Japan. Mika also loves kids and her tours are recommended for families.

She was born and raised in Osaka and has lived and worked in Kyoto for nearly three years. Since she was licensed as a tour guide, she has shown people from all over the world around Kyoto and Osaka. Before starting to work as a tour guide, she studied and did an internship in the US for about 2 years and a half, and took backpacking trips to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.She also volunteered in several different countries including Mexico, India, Bangladesh, and Sierra Leone. As she majored in philosophy of art in college, she has a keen interest in a variety of art. She was involved in several art projects as one of the organizers in and outside of Japan including an art exhibition in Slovenia. She loves travel, novels, movies, music, art, fashion, beer, wine, and of course, food. Mayco is huge fan of queer culture, and her tours are queer friendly.