Tokyo, Kanto region, Mt. Fuji, Tohoku region, Chubu region, Kansai region, Naoshima Island

Fields of Expertise:
I have been learning bonsai for 7 years in a Bonsai Garden at the Omiya Bonsai Village, the world's mecca for bonsai. I am an instructor in charge of basic knowledge of bonsai for interpreter guides. As for contemporary art, I have completed a training course for guides catering to wealthy travelers by world-renowned curator Mr. Nanjo Fumio. I used to belong to a tour-guide group which offers contemporary architecture tours for 2 years and learned basic knowledge of contemporary architecture from professional architects. I have also been learning way of tea at the Urasenke school.

I am Yoshi, a female guide in the Tokyo area. The name Yoshi is “GOOD” in Japanese. As the name suggests, I will do everything to help you bring back GOOD memories of Japan. My specialties are bonsai, sake, fashion, contemporary architecture, and art. Tea ceremony, a traditional Japanese culture, is also a field I very much enjoy. I consider myself cheerful, responsible, and flexible. I can show you a wide range of places, from the Tohoku region, where my parents are from, to the Kansai region, where I used to live. I look forward to sharing the charms of Japan with you!