English, French

Aichi Gihu Nagano Kyoto

Fields of Expertise:
Nagoya Castle, Manga, Paitning

I am an interpreter guide in French and English.
My hobbies are movies, manga, food and alcohol. I have been dancing ballet for 20 years, although my body is very stiff.
I have a very energetic personality. I am also a “sunny girl”, so during my guided tour, you will not need to carry an umbrella!
I have lived in Belgium for 11 years and England for 2 years, and have traveled to 33 countries. During my stay abroad, I was often asked questions about Japan. “Do ninjas really exist?” “Why are Japanese people so kind?” To answer their expectations, I restudied about Japan and discovered its beauty and uniqueness. I became a guide because I want people around the world to know how wonderful Japan is.
Now I live in Aichi Prefecture. There are many places in Aichi that I would like everyone to visit, such as Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine. I would also like you to try Nagoya-meshi, which has a deep fermented food culture. We look forward to seeing you soon!

私は、ベルギーに11年・イギリスに2年住んだことがあり、33か国を旅しました。海外滞在中は、日本について、よく質問をされました。「忍者って本当にいるの?」 「日本人はなぜ、そんなに親切なの?」彼らの期待に応えるために、日本について勉強したら、日本の美しさ、ユニークさを再認識しました。日本のすばらしさを世界の人に知ってもらいたいのがガイドになった理由です。