Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura, Yokohama

Fields of Expertise:
Art, Architecture, and Alocohol(Sake!)

I’m a national licensed tour guide of Japan based in Tokyo. I took the license in 2017, and I’m interested in 3As. Art, Architecture, and Alcohol (sake)!
I grew up in England and Germany when I was a child, and I went to the International School. There, studying with friends from different nations, I learned if we respect each other’s background and try to understand about each other’s country, we can discuss in peace and come up with positive solutions to solve many problems.
Therefore, I started to have this aim in my life— as I’m Japanese, I want to tell the charm of Japan to people all over the world, and travelling is the best time to do that!
That’s why I became a tour guide of Japan. I am amazed with the rich and unique culture of Japan myself, so I want to share it with guests coming from overseas. I’m here to help you brighten up your trip by telling you stories behind the scenery.


・2016年度 全国通訳案内士(英語)取得
・得意分野:3A(Architecture, Art, Alcohol ※日本酒)、Instagram(フォロワー数2.5万人超。Microsoft社CMに出演したり、観光協会様から地域の魅力発信のご依頼をいただいたりと、インフルエンサーとしてもお仕事しております。)



・東京都ガイド育成事業 富裕層向けガイド研修講師、建築実地研修講師