Mie, Nara, Kyoto and Nagoya

Fields of Expertise:
Ise Grand Shrine and Saiku area (Saiku had played an important role of the Ise Grand Shrine), Igaryu Ninjya, Suzuka circuit, Ise-Shima-Toba area, Nagoya castle, Atsuta Shrine... Love tea ceremony, sake and karate! Also a Japanese castle lover!!

Greetings from Mie prefecture. I’m Erika Itoh. I was born in Suzuka-city and grew up familiar with F1 which held at the Suzuka Circuit from an early age. I had a one-year exchange program to North Carolina in the U.S. when I was in high school and a short-term study abroad program at Beijing University in China while I was in university. After graduating from university, I worked at a bank, where I was in charge of operational risk management in the risk management department. However, I left the bank when I became pregnant and became a certified national guide interpreter. Now that I am a mother of two children, my guiding area is Mie Prefecture and other neighboring prefectures.
Recently, I have been studying the tea ceremony, as my husband’s mother holds a tea ceremony class at her home. I also enjoy visiting shrines, temples and Japanese castles. I also love to drink, so I hope to restart my sake brewery tours soon, which I had to cut back on after the birth of my second child!
I look forward to helping the guests have memorable experiences and valuable memories.